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Karoline H. – Facebook
Seit ich mich viel gesünder ernähre, habe ich das Problem überhaupt meinen Grundumsatz zu erreichen. Zwei Mal am Tag warm kochen und essen schaffe ich meistens nicht einmal. Soviel Hunger habe ich auch gar nicht. Ich probierte Saturo aus und bin wirklich begeistert. Es hält einige Stunden satt und man hat das Gefühl, man wird mit allem versorgt was man braucht. Da ich ab und an einen Nebenjob habe, wo ich mehrere Stunden nicht zum Essen komme, habe ich jetzt immer eine Trinknahrung dabei 😉 Ich bin bedanke mich herzlichst, dass es endlich Produkte gibt, wo Kalorien und Nährstoffe enthalten sind.

Nils H. – Facebook
Es ist unglaublich schnell da und es hält was es verspricht! Es macht satt und hält einen auch 5-6h satt. Es schmeckt und ist angenehm zu trinken. DIE MAHLZEIT in meiner Flüssigkeitsphase vor meiner Magenoperation. Dazu ist der Saturo-Support unglaublich schnell, freundlich und hilfsbereit! für mich 5* wert!
Danke für den Support Saturo

Georg P. – Facebook
Drei leckere Sorten, alle vegan – perfekt, wenn man keine Zeit hat oder nicht kochen möchte, aber trotzdem auf eine ausgewogene Nährstoffkombination achten will.

Carina S. – Facebook
Sehr guter Geschmack und hält lange satt!

Marc F. – Facebook
Einfach perfekt, benutze diesen Drink täglich!

Ernst H. – Trustpilot
SATURO the Best!
Wie immer klappt alles bestens!

Monica S. – Trustpilot
Also mir schmecken Schoko
Also mir schmecken Schoko, Vanille und Erdber. Besonders fein fand ich Chai. Gibt es leider nicht mehr!

Erstes Drink-Essen, dass ich vertrage!

Christoph – Trustpilot
Gut wie immer
Schnelle Lieferung, Riegel sind super, Kokos- und Schoko-Drinks auch, die anderen habe ich noch nicht probiert.

Herr Richard G. – Trustpilot
Zuverlässig und termintreu …
… noch dazu ein hervorragendes Produkt.
So soll es immer seind.

Weiterhin viel Erfolg!

Sabine L. – Trustpilot
Go for it!
Tolles Produkt, geniale Kommunikation, solides Geschäftsmodell. Highly recommended!

Englisches Feedback
Joel J. – Facebook
Great company with really good customer service.
Also, the ready-to-drinks are among the cheapest but taste significantly better than the ones from several competitors I tried before.

Tom C. – Facebook
Best tasting complete food on the market, bar none.

Ryan M. – Facebook
After trying a number of powdered foods, I have been very impressed with Saturo. The texture is smooth, not grainy, with a thickness that strikes a balance about halfway between milk and custard. Flavour wise: coffee tastes like a high-quality latte, chocolate tastes like a chocolate milkshake, and original… I honestly don’t know how to describe it, only that it is my favourite flavour by far!

A ready-to-drink food replacement like Saturo is exactly what I have been looking for. I intend to go 75% Saturo as an experiment shortly – which is actually reasonably priced if you order on subscription!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is truly the food of the future.

Sam E. – Facebook
Convenient, nutritious, cost-effective and most importantly tastes great! Nutritionally complete but the chocolate flavours tastes just like a chocolate milkshake. So handy to just pick one up for breakfast every morning and keeps me full for a few hours. Also vegan so great for sustainability and the environment. Wholly recommend.

Thomas D. – Facebook
Saturo is a great product it’s definitely the best meal replacement I have had sooo much better than *censored* would highly recommend – the ease of not having to mix powder this is smooth without bits chocolate is great just ordered another batch.

Mo G. – Facebook
Tastes great and is even vegan! I like the simplicity and that if I don’t have time to cook, I can just grab a bottle.
Thx Saturo!

Jaka E. – Facebook
I bought Saturo Coffee and Chocolate flavour. I tested the chocolate one today and it’s really great. Love the taste!

Igor S. – Facebook
Love Saturo! Great flavours and just the perfect food for when you’re in a rush!

Yuhao W. – Facebook
Best service and good product, recommended for athletes!

Patrick K. – Trustpilot
Healthy and good tasting
Real good healthy food ready-to-drink. I like especially the cheap shipping possibility to Switzerland 😉 My favorite is the Original. Slightly boring taste but that’s why you never dislike it. Excellent texture.

Christian M. – Trustpilot
Works just as promised
Works just as promised. The perfect fast and healthy meal.

Client- Trustpilot
Nice products, nice people!
Sincerely, I am fan of Saturo Coffee 500 ml bottle, it makes a great breakfast each morning.
Each time i’d have to deal with Saturo team, they were nice and helply.

David M. – Trustpilot
I love this company and its products
I love this company and its products. I’ve been drinking Saturo for, I think, two years now. The flavours are the best of all the complete food type products I have tried, and I’ve tried several different ones. I prefer the Coffee flavour, not just because it tastes great, because it has a caffeine boost to get you moving in the morning too.

I bought my latest shipment on Valentine’s day with a 14% discount and it arrived by teatime the following day. Delivery bang on time and the DPD driver carried the two boxes into my living room, which was very kind of him.

I love this because I know I am getting 25% of all the nutrition my body needs from one simple and pleasant tasting RTD shake. I don’t lose weight, but I don’t gain weight either, simply because calories in equals calories expended. One other very important point, it does not give me a glucose spike, which for diabetics, is great news.

Benjamin V. – Trustpilot
Love it!
The Saturo drink is a delicious and healthy meal, a great way to start the day. Their customer support is also top notch. They are super friendly and the people who work there seem to care a lot about their customers.

Maddy R. – Trustpilot
Delicious shakes!
Really quick delivery! The shakes are amazing, taste so good that you start to crave them instead of actual food! Favorite flavour is chocolate and coffee. Original is good too but more plain tasting. Love how they actually keep me full for 4 hours! I tried another company and it was so gross I threw it all in the bin. Love Saturo!!

Charles C. – Trustpilot
Great product
Great product, fantastic customer service.

Vittoria – Trustpilot
Great new product on the market!
Great product, fast delivery, nice and helpful staff.

Virginie – Customer E-Mail

I just wanna thank you for thé order of wednesday!
I ordered wednesday with asking: could it be send as soon as possible.

And it came 24h after!
I am really really happy!!!!

For the little history, I was scheduled for a gastric bypass.
And had to make 3 weeks of shake diet before..
When I was 113kg for 1m73, I had my first SATURO.

In the next three weeks, with only SATURO and veggies, i dropped 8kg!
Then i had a second thought:
Would it be possible to drop the rest without surgery?
Annnnnnd the answer is yes!!!
I didn’t go to surgery!!!
I drink 2×330 SATURO in the day and one normal meal (i am vegan and gluten allergic, so normal meal is not really true but anyway…)
I make lot of exercises..

And today I am 89kg!!! It means I dropped 24kg and since this morning i am not in an « obesity » stage anymore!!!!

I schedule to lose 15 more kg and it will be perfect!!
My Life changed with your shakes!
They taste amazing!!
I am milk allergic and when I drink a SATURO it is like before when I was able to drink milk (taste like heaven every morning!!!)
I tried so many brands before SATURO and it was always disgusting!

I am a mother of 4 boys (tiny little) and need energy and to be fit!
My life changed and I thank you sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE you SATURO team!!!
Spread your name everywhere!! 😂😍


Tom – Facebook Message
Hi hi! Just wanted to say I just tried the chocolate powder for the first time yesterday after using your RTDs for a while – amazing. Best powder complete food I tried.
Thanks, and keep up the good work!

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