Saturo Personalized. For you Personalized.

Unleash your full potential
with personalized nutrition
-made just for you.

Everything what your Body needs

Saturo offers you the opportunity to easily balanced to nourish and give your body everything it needs. No matter when, no matter where.

Balanced meal

All 26 vitamins & minerals

Satiating up to 5 hours

Up to 30 g protein per meal

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"After a schnitzel, you're just tired for two hours" [...] With Saturo, the hungry consumer is supposed to save time and money and still eat healthy.

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"Saturo's shakes are just particularly convenient because you get them ready to eat right away. [....] Chocolate flavor was very tasty, almost like a classic milkshake."

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"One bottle provides a quarter of your daily calorie needs. The founders are focusing on people who turn to liquid meal replacements because of time constraints."

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"From protein to carbohydrates and fat, vitamins, minerals - everything is balanced exactly to 100 percent.
Saturo is reminiscent of a low-sugar cocoa."

Saturo is the perfect source of everything you need in nutrients to fit and efficient stay fit and productive. Best ingredients and all 26 vitamins and minerals help you do that, up to 5 hours full and full of energy to stay.

Saturo sets your Hunger an end

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 Trust on over 3+ mio.  sold Meals

Robert Gardos (42)
European doubles table tennis champion

"As a competitive athlete I am on the road a lot, so a fast but also balanced nutrition plays a big role for me. Saturo offers me the possibility to give my body all the nutrients it needs everywhere. Thus, I am perfectly supplied even during the sets and can, without annoying feeling of fullness, concentrate on the game."

Janine Flock (32)
Multiple gold award winner
Skeleton pilot

"It is difficult to eat a balanced diet in training camps as well as during World Cup weeks because there is often not enough time. In addition, the meals in some accommodations do not cover all the nutritional needs. Since I place high value on quality and sustainability, I chose Saturo to always be well prepared nutritionally."

Saturo Gründer: Joerg Hauke, Hannes Feistenauer

The is Saturo

People say "you are what you eat". But who are we? We are many things. Most importantly, different.

With unique characters, individual goals and needs. Each of us has something inside us that drives us. Nutrition can be that fuel. But it is complex. Just like us.

That's why we break down the complex science of nutrition. We radically simplify it for you. So you can always be at your best.

This is "Complete Food.

This is Saturo.

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