One meal on you tailored.

Get more out of yourself with a personalized meal.

We offer you the nutrients that completely suit you. Because we're all different.

Complete nutrition fully tailored to you.

It's for you. And only for you.

Your answers in the quiz will help us to understand your goals, your requirements and habits in order to offer you a Saturo that suits you best.

Achieve a feel good weight

Together with nutrition experts, we have developed a nutrition system to not only fill you up, but that adapts to your needs and goals. This is how you reach your goals.

Gain weight

Our motivation is called innovation: You have set yourself the goal to gain weight and we want to support you. We have developed the right nutrition system that will get you to your goal faster.

Build muscles

We don't just want to think nutrition forward, we want to help you get there. With personalized nutrition, every meal becomes the fuel that gets you closer to your goals - and beyond.

Maintain muscle

Nutrition should be as diverse as you are: Saturo provides you with just the right amount of nutrients to help you maintain muscle mass. So you get exactly what your body needs.

Regenerate better

Healthy nutrition has a place in every day life: your personalized product provides you with healthy energy and all the essential nutrients to help you regenerate better, even without much time.

Increase performance

To perform at your best, you need to be at your best. Saturo Personalized is customized for you so you get exactly what your body needs to perform even better.

Increase calorie intake

We provide you with healthy nutrition that not only fits your goals, but grows with them. Through personalization, you can adjust your diet at any time and establish your new lifestyle step by step.

Be well fed

The best thing is to feel good in your own body: your personalized product accompanies you easily through your everyday life with the right nutrients and adapts to your needs.

Balanced diet does not have to be Knowledge science.

At least not for you. With the help of nutritional science, we have developed adeveloped a nutrition systemthat adapts to you and provides you with the best possible care. It makes your life easier in every way.

The ingredients we use depend on your habits, intolerances and preferences. Whethervegan orvegetarian, it always fits.

High quality oats

Rich in fiber, which promotes healthy digestion

Pea protein

Rich in BCAAs and essential amino acids for more effective muscle building.

Rice protein

Rich in valuable vitamins and minerals and essential amino acids.

Whey protein*

Protein-rich with valuable amino acids that are quickly absorbed.


Rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids and with a satiating effect.

*only included if you choose the vegetarian versions.

Well-being is personal. Saturo is suitable for you.

Create your Saturo easily. Here's how.

  • Go through the quiz so we can get to know you better and match you with a Saturo that's right for you.

  • Order your personalized Saturo. Improve your nutrition and give your body everything it needs.

  • We are always here for you if you have any questions about (personalized) nutrition or goal achievement.

How you use Saturo

Your Saturo is designed to be easily mixed so your body gets everything it deserves.


  • Your personal meal

    Mix your personal amount of powder with water (alternative: milk(alternatives)).


  • Make it a habit

    Integrate Saturo into your daily routine to get the best results. E.g. as breakfast, lunch.


  • Enjoy it

    The journey is as important as the destination. Enjoy the successes when they come.

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