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1. astronaut food advantages

Astronaut Nutrition delivers a variety of benefits to you, the consumer, as ready-to-eat drinkable nutrition, powder to mix, or bars. Liquid nutrition is a valuable supplement in everyday life, during sports and on the go.

What nutrients are in it?

All essential nutrients are contained in astronaut food. A balanced ratio of protein, fats and carbohydrates, as well as essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements, result in a complete meal that provides your body with everything it needs and keeps you full for several hours.

When choosing the astronaut food of your choice, we recommend paying attention not only to the type and quantity, but also the quality of the ingredients. Milk protein, lactose and artificial additives are not well tolerated by some people. Especially if you have a critical health condition, you should make sure to avoid them as much as possible and rely on plant-based products that are as natural as possible.

The main advantages are:

- Optimal balance of nutrients

- No or minimal preparation time

- Practical also for on the go

-Long shelf life

- Balanced ratio between protein, fats and carbohydrates

- Contains high quality protein for building muscles

- Ideal quality fats for optimal energy supply and nutrient absorption

- Simple and complex carbohydrates provide energy and keep you full

- Rich in vitamins and minerals

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2. forms astronaut food

Astronaut food now comes in different forms, depending on the application and purpose:

Ready-to-eat drinkable food: particularly practical and time-saving when on the move.

Powdered drinkable food for mixing: easy to dose and, depending on taste and preference, can be used in smoothies, shakes, muesli & co.

Bar: ideal for on the go, before or after sports and suitable as a snack.

Gelling and thickening agent: for binding and enhancing the nutritional value of sauces, soups, etc.

  • Meal replacement 330 ml

    - 26 Vitamins & Minerals

    - 17 g protein

    - Saturates up to 3 hours

    - Rich in fiber

    - Flavor: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, banana, cappuccino

  • Meal replacement 500 ml

    - 26 Vitamins & Minerals

    - 25 g protein

    - Saturates up to 5 hours

    - Rich in fiber

    - Flavor: vanilla, chocolate, original


3. the comparative winner Saturo

Saturo isTest winner among the compared astronaut food products and wasthe only product in this segment to be rated "very good(as of 02/2020). The ingredients and properties of various products from the medical meal replacement segment (e.g. Fresubin Energy Drink, Nutrica Fortimel, Nestlé Resource) or lifestyle drink supplements (e.g. Saturo) were compared.

We produce in Austria and Germany. All products are gluten-free and lactose-free. A sophisticated recipe with an extra portion of (plant) protein and 26 vitamins and minerals make our products what they are: High-quality, tasty and balanced meals in seconds and at a fair price.

We have summarized the special features of Saturo at a glance for you:

- High quality ingredients

- All 26 vitamins and minerals

- Balanced nutrient ratio

- High in protein

- Produced in Austria and Germany

- Available in many delicious flavors

- Comparison winner at - Test result "VERY GOOD"

- Astronaut food lactose free & gluten free

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4. astronaut food in everyday life

The primary goal in making astronaut food was originally to pack the maximum amount of nutrients into the minimum amount of bulk. This credo still holds true. In addition, modern products are designed for the shortest possible preparation time and optimum usability of ingredients. These properties are enormously valuable for many areas of application and groups of people.

Astronaut food when time is short and for on the go

However, it is no longer exceptional situations in which astronaut food is used. More and more people are taking a liking to astronaut food for their everyday lives.

Balanced nutrition in hectic everyday life

You probably know the situation: No time to cook for yourself. On the road all day. We eat in between and whatever is available at the time. For many of us this is everyday life. We are always busy or even stressed, hardly have a quiet minute and certainly not the necessary time to sit down in peace and eat a balanced meal. Astronaut food offers a practical and affordable solution to this problem.

It requires no or minimal preparation, can be easily taken anywhere and consumed.

This ensures not only a good ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrates, but also a supply of all necessary vitamins and minerals. Different flavors provide variety on the menu. Astronaut food makes balanced nutrition in the hectic everyday life not only possible, but also simple, inexpensive and tasty.

Travel provisions for hiking, climbing or cycling tours

When you're out in nature for several days or even weeks, getting food is naturally a challenge. But with hydration food you are well supplied during various outdoor adventures. It provides maximum nutrients at minimum weight and can be stored without refrigeration. Thus, astronaut food is the optimal travel provision when you need a lot of energy, but at the same time want to keep your luggage light.

Extra energy for sports and muscle building

Athletes and bodybuilders are increasingly turning to astronaut food. With its balanced nutrient ratio and easy dosage, liquid nutrition is the ideal companion on the way to your athletic goals. It provides you with easily absorbable energy for your training and is characterized by a high protein content. Furthermore, it can be easily taken along and thus consumed immediately before or after sports.

Crisis supply

Due to its long shelf life and balanced nutrient composition, astronaut food is ideal as a food supply for any crises. Liquid food is already ready to eat - so you don't have to rely on electricity or gas for cooking and are optimally supplied.

5. the origin of astronaut food

The drinking food has its origin in space travel. The first astronaut food in the form of small pressed cubes was developed as early as the 1960s. The aim was to save space and weight and to provide the astronauts with all the nutrients they needed. The space food had to be easily digestible, balanced and efficient.

Over the years, it has been found that these properties are equally desirable for meals on Earth. Thus, space cubes have evolved into various products that are no longer reserved for space travelers. Lifestyle drinkables are not to be confused with medical meal replacements used for illness. If this applies to you, check with your doctor, especially if you are considering a longer use. Saturo is aimed more at people who are less inclined to cook and want to replace their breakfast cereal, for example.

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