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High-calorie drinkable food provides essential support for people who are unable to eat solid food for various reasons. It serves as a complete or supplementary meal replacement by providing high nutritional value in liquid form. Designed to provide the body with all the necessary nutrients - including proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals - it is characterized by ease of use, rapid absorption and the ability to meet specific nutritional needs. This type of food is widely used in the care of the sick and elderly, supports recovery after surgery, helps with weight gain and serves as a convenient meal option for people with busy lifestyles.

What is high calorie nutrition?

High-calorie drinkable food is a complete meal replacement for people who cannot or are not allowed to eat for health reasons (e.g. illnesses and metabolic disorders or old age). Traditionally, this type of food is often used in the care of the sick and elderly and aims to provide maximum nutritional content with optimum digestibility. Products such as Fresubin nutritional drinks, Fortimel nutritional drinks and Nutricia nutritional drinks often fall into the category of medical nutritional drinks, which are specifically designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of patients. These are excellent for long-term satiety and require no preparation time, making them particularly convenient.

In comparison Saturowhich also offers high-calorie drinkable nutrition, but is characterized by a broader approach. Saturo is aimed not only at medical needs, but also at the modern, active person who is looking for a balanced diet that is quick and convenient and tastes great. Saturo offers an alternative that meets both health and taste requirements without the need to rely solely on medical products.

High-calorie nutrition in everyday life, during illness and in old age

High-calorie food is used in various areas: As a liquid meal replacement after operations or in the event of swallowing difficulties, as a build-up food to supplement normal nutrition in the event of weight loss or loss of appetite, as a healthy and quick alternative in hectic everyday life and as a central component of a balanced diet in nursing and geriatric care. 

High-calorie drinkable food for senior citizens

High-calorie nutritional drinks are particularly helpful in nursing and geriatric care. It ensures that people who are unable to eat at all or cannot eat enough for health reasons are provided with all the necessary nutrients. Whether as a supplement or a complete meal replacement, nutritional drinks provide a balanced diet in challenging situations. Old, weak and sick people are just as well provided for as healthy, active and sporty people.

The main advantages of high-calorie nutritional drinks in nursing and geriatric care are

  • Optimally balanced nutrient ratio 
  • Suitable for supplementing or replacing meals
  • Can counteract unwanted weight loss
  • Helps to compensate for poor nutrition
  • Supports muscle building and maintenance

High-calorie food after surgery

Drinking food is very helpful for chewing or swallowing difficulties, such as those that occur after an operation (e.g. dental surgery). A liquid meal replacement provides relief if you are not allowed to eat for medical reasons. With high-calorie drinkable food, you can ensure that you are provided with all the nutrients you need without having to make an effort in the kitchen. This allows you to recover optimally from the operation and boost the healing process.

High-calorie drinkable food for weight gain

High-calorie food can help with loss of appetite or weight loss. High-calorie drinkable food is particularly suitable for this, as it can be consumed with meals like a drink and thus provides additional energy that can be precisely dosed. This allows you to gain or maintain your weight with drinkable foods.

High-calorie drinkable food for children

High-calorie drinkable foods can also play an important role for children, especially if they have difficulty getting enough nutrients from solid food for health reasons. This form of nutrition is ideal for children with increased energy requirements, whether due to growth phases, certain medical conditions or increased physical activity. High calorie infant formula is carefully formulated to provide essential nutrients in an easily digestible, palatable form that children will readily accept. It offers a balanced blend of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, as well as essential vitamins and minerals to support healthy growth and overall development. They are also a practical solution for parents who want to make sure their children are well nourished, even during busy times or when they lose their appetite.

High-calorie nutritional drinks for cancer

For cancer patients who often experience loss of appetite, weight loss and difficulty eating due to treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation, high-calorie nutritional drinks can provide essential support. High calorie nutritional drinks provide a dense nutrient supply that helps to meet energy requirements and provide essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements needed to support the immune system and promote recovery. It is easy to digest and can help meet the nutritional needs of patients who have difficulty tolerating solid foods. In addition, the pleasant taste can help to improve nutritional intake and thus the well-being of patients.

What is the difference between balanced and fully balanced diets?

Balanced diet with drinkable food

The term "balanced diet" is used when nutritional drinks are used in addition to conventional nutrition. High-calorie drinkable meals can ensure the supply of calories and essential nutrients if the requirement cannot be covered by normal meals.[1,2] This can be the case for medical reasons, for example if people are unable to eat enough due to illness, age, operations or metabolic disorders. 

Fully balanced diet with drinkable food

As liquid foods contain all essential nutrients, they can also be consumed exclusively. Such a "fully balanced diet" is mainly used when the usual intake of food is not possible due to weakness, age, illness or functional disorders of the swallowing or digestive system.3 Drinking food has an optimum ratio of protein, fats and carbohydrates and contains all known vitamins and minerals. It therefore provides the human body with everything it needs to be healthy and efficient. Please note that you should only use medical nutrition in consultation with your doctor, especially if you are using it for longer than three weeks. Saturo is not a medical drinkable food as it does not fulfill the legal requirement and serves as an alternative to junk food for moments when you have little time.

Buy high-calorie drinkable food

High-calorie nutritional drinks are available in pharmacies, at dm, Rossmann and also online, which makes it easier to buy these specialized forms of nutrition. Whether you want to buy high-calorie drinkable food at a low price or are looking for specific brands in the pharmacy, the choice is extensive and accessible.

These nutritional drinks provide a complete meal in liquid form, rich in protein, carbohydrates and all the necessary micronutrients. They are particularly valuable for post-surgery recovery, weight gain support or as a nutritional supplement for the elderly. Available at major retailers such as dm and Rossmann as well as pharmacies, high calorie food offers a practical and effective solution to meet daily nutritional needs.

Buying high calorie food online offers not only convenience, but also a variety of options to meet individual nutritional needs. SaturoAs a leading Austrian supplier of high-calorie nutritional drinks, we have recognized this need and offer a range of high-calorie foods that are specifically designed to provide the body with all the necessary nutrients.

Each product is carefully formulated to provide a balance of protein, carbohydrate, fiber and all 26 vitamins and minerals, all with minimal preparation. Available through their own nutrition store and Amazon, makes Saturo makes it easy to buy high-quality, high-calorie food online and have it delivered straight to your door. Saturo Hydration foods are lactose-free, gluten-free and vegan. For those who are looking for a reliable, nutritious and tasty solution, represents Saturo represents the future of nutrition - efficient, effective and adapted to your needs.

FAQ: High calorie drinkable food

What are high-calorie drinks?

High-calorie drinks are nutritious, energy-rich foods that provide a balanced mix of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, ideal for a quick and comprehensive supply of nutrients.

What is the best high calorie drinkable food?

The best high calorie drinkable food combines high nutrient density with excellent taste and is tailored to the specific needs of the individual. Brands like Saturo offer high-quality options that contain all essential vitamins, minerals and a balance of macronutrients, ideal for comprehensive nutrition without the hassle of preparation.

When to drink high-calorie nutrition?

High-calorie nutritional drinks are ideal when quick energy and nutritional support is needed: for malnutrition, during recovery from illness or surgery, for swallowing difficulties or simply as a nutrient-rich meal for an active lifestyle.

Which high-calorie drinkable food?

For high-calorie drinkable foods that combine quality and comprehensive nutrition, the following are recommended Saturo-products are an excellent choice. They offer a balanced mix of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, ideal for efficient and tasty nutrition.

How much does high-calorie nutrition cost?

The cost of high-calorie nutritional drinks varies, but Saturo offers high-quality options from as little as €3.29 per drink. These products offer a balanced blend of essential nutrients, ideal for efficient and delicious nutrition. For the latest prices and offers, take a look at the website of Saturo or Amazon.

When can high-calorie nutritional drinks be prescribed?

High-calorie nutritional drinks can be prescribed if there is a medical need, such as malnutrition, swallowing disorders or for recovery after surgery - the need always depends on the individual's state of health.

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