Self-optimization - 1% better every day!

Small changes every day lead to big results in the long run. We regularly introduce you to new topics that will help you get a little better every day.

Self-optimization is not witchcraft! We show you step-by-step how you can unleash your full potential and improve your life. First of all, you should think about what you want from self-improvement. Feel better? Have more energy?

Setting your alarm anew every day and then just hitting the snooze button again is tempting. You just want to loll in bed for another 5 minutes and close your eyes for a second. But what if you used those five minutes differently? Open your eyes and get ready for the day? Do something good for yourself before the day really begins? Through a positive morning routine you can start the day more relaxed and be more productive at the same time.

Our brain needs new stimuli to develop. Variety keeps us mentally fit and strengthens our mental abilities. Attention or a increased concentration are important for being successful on the job and also productive in our free time. Exciting news, delightful discoveries and fascinating experiences are just waiting to be discovered by us. Thousands of distraction opportunities are not far away. Fortunately, there are different methods to increase concentration.

Sleep is an important part of our lives and influences not only our health, but also our performance and well-being. But unfortunately many people have sleep problems and can not sleep well or sufficiently. We have tips and tricks for you to fall asleep, so that you can finally sleep better and become healthier and more productive.

Many people are looking for ways to improve their lives and better achieve their goals. A big field in self-optimization is biohacking. Biohacking means optimizing the body and the psyche with different methods in a way that, so that one is as efficient as possible and achieves his goals better. There are many different methods in biohackingfrom simple tips such as regular exercise and healthy eating to more complex measures such as nootropics (to combat cognitive decline) and life hacking (to make everyday life more efficient).

Stocking up on supplies is an age-old wisdom passed down to us by our grandparents. They knew that there would always be times when the necessities would be in short supply. Even the federal government has for years recommendations for crisis preparedness. But how to choose the right prepper food? How many days you should have food at home and much more valuable tips you will find on this Prepper Food List.