1 What is biohacking?
What can be achieved through biohacking? - Energy, happiness, desired weight, stress reduction
2 Which areas are covered by biohacking?
Nutrition - optimal nutrient supply as a source of energy Fitness - activated mitochondria and increased regeneration Psyche - you deserve happiness in the here and now Sleep - quality over quantity Productivity - nootropics: supplements, hormones, medication
3 How to Biohack: Biohacks for beginners
Meditation - less stress, more concentration and self-confidence Consistent sleep hygiene - cold, dark and not blue Healthy, varied food - more energy and fewer mood swings
4 Thought leaders in biohacking presented
Dave Asprey - founder of the Bulletproof diet Tim Ferriss - the human guinea pig Wim Hof - Cold as a miracle cure
5 Extreme forms of biohacking and risks
Chlorin e6 - Night vision Genetic hacking with Crispr Transfusions of young blood - eternal fountain of youth?
6 Summary

Biohacking is a huge field in self-optimization. Would you like to be more productive, happier and more balanced? We give you practical tips to help you become a biohacker and optimize your life.

If you want to know what biohacking is and how you can use it for your health and well-being, read on!

What is biohacking?

Never heard of biohacking? In fact, biohacking is part of everyday life for many of us, even if the word is unfamiliar. Whether it's coffee to wake you up, chamomile tea in the evening to relax or the scent of lavender to calm you down.

Biohacking is all about influencing your own biologyin order to performance or the improve well-being. How narrowly or how broadly the term is defined is at the discretion of the biohacker.

The basis for biohacking is however always understanding. Understanding of how the body, the body's own biology and the mind work. Building on this, strategies for self-optimization can be formulated. Be it through sleep, nutrition, fitness or a combination of all of these.

The self-optimization is the underlying goal. Not to become obsessively better and better, but rather to dreams and goals in life one step closer. Biohacking is personal development on the next level.

What can be achieved through biohacking? - Energy, happiness, desired weight, stress reduction

Biohacking opens up completely new possibilities for you, including

  • Several hours of focus on your tasks
  • Improved recovery despite less sleep
  • Emotional balance
  • Noticeable muscle building with only 4 hours of training per month 
  • Drop pounds without feeling hungry
  • Immediate stress reduction

All helpful qualities for life, aren't they? And that's just a small excerpt of what's possible.

Which areas are covered by biohacking?

Biohacking can be used in all areas where the results can be measured in some way. Even if this is only possible subjectively, such as your own mood. This is where the term quantified self comes from, as it attempts to capture the self through measurements and numbers.

For most hackers, this primarily involves Nutrition, fitness, psyche, sleep and last but not least productivity are among the areas with the greatest potential.

Some biohackers even go so far as to experiment on themselves. They drip chemical substances into their eyes to improve their night vision or have young blood transfusions to combat ageing. However, this is the exception rather than the rule.

In general Biohacking is rarely used in just one area is practiced. It is much more common to work on all areas simultaneously, as the effects only take full effect in synergy. unfold. What do we mean by that? A classic example: without enough sleep, even the most nutritious food and the most intensive HIIT training won't help.

Nutrition - optimal nutrient supply as a source of energy

Nutrition is one of the most important factors in biohacking. You probably know it yourself when you feel full and knocked out after a big pizza or Christmas dinner.

After a salad, on the other hand, you don't feel that tired. One of the reasons for this is that a salad requires less energy to digest than meat or cheese.1 Optimizing food intake in this way is one aspect of biohacking.

At the same time, it is also about all the necessary nutrients in sufficient quantity intake. Because you can only be at your best when your nutrient stores are full. Otherwise, the chain is only as strong as the weakest link. 

This optimal nutrient supply can be achieved through a balanced and healthy diet. This goes hand in hand with Avoiding processed foods. With a few exceptions, these are poorer in nutrients than the original product and contain artificial additives.

One special significance the ketogenic diet diet. This involves eating predominantly fatty foods. The principle behind this is that the energy supply is provided by ketone bodies instead of glucose. 

An important point is Food supplements. This is because certain nutrients such as the omega-3 fatty acid DHA or vitamin D can usually only be inadequately supplied. 

In our performance-oriented society, many people also have no time to cook. Food has to be quick. Astronaut food in particular, such as SATURO is a great help here. It provides the body with all the essential nutrients and is ready to drink immediately.

Fitness - activated mitochondria and increased regeneration

Why is sport healthy and what specific benefits can you derive from it? One reason lies in the Mitochondria, the power plants of the cells. If you keep your body fit and exercise regularly regularly, activates its power plants and can multiply them.2

The resulting increase in performance has an effect on the whole body. This gives you a sustainable energy boost through sport and keeps you young due to the increased activity of the mitochondria.3

Growth factors4 or the stress hormone cortisol can also be caused by sport can also be influenced by exercise. Sport can effectively lower cortisol levels.6

However, where biohacking really shines is in the regeneration. This plays a crucial role, especially when building muscle. This is because insufficient breaks after strenuous training inhibit muscle building.

Biohacking can increase the ability to regenerate. In addition to the right diet and sufficient sleep, sauna sessions, cryotherapy and fascia rolls, for example7 are very effective. 

Psyche - you deserve happiness in the here and now

Stressed out, running from one appointment to the next and completely losing sight of your own well-being. Does that sound familiar? If you prefer active rather than reactively through life you are in the right place with biohacking.

Shaping your own life and break through mental barriers are the core principles of biohacking. Away from constantly postponing the future and towards focusing on the essentials in the present. 

Through biohacking, you will get to know tools with which you can:

  • declare war on the carousel of thoughts,
  • get the bastard off the wheel and take full control,
  • enjoy the here and now,
  • reduce your stress level to a subterranean level and
  • build up self-confidence like Bruce Lee

Sleep - quality over quantity

For many people, sleep is like saving money: Whatever is left over at the end is put to one side. So work, family, friends and entertainment take priority. And when the alarm clock rings after only 5 hours in bed, it's time to get out again.

However, enough high-quality sleep is one of the most important health factors. It is, for example important to reset the brain and free it from all the deposits that have accumulated during the day.8 And yet sleep tends to be dismissed as a minor matter in our society.

If sleep is neglected, consequences such as tension, depression and burnout are not uncommon. In the long term, high blood pressure and obesity also correlate with reduced sleep.9 Who wants that?

It's not the length of "being in bed" is important, but the length and quality of sleep. A person who sleeps only 7 hours, but with a minimum of night-time restlessness and sufficient REM and deep sleep, can be more rested than a normal 8-hour sleeper.10

To increase the quality of sleep, biohackers use supplements such as ashwagandha or the hormone melatonin. Avoiding blue light a few hours before bedtime and a cool bedroom temperature are also techniques used.

Productivity - Nootropics: supplements, hormones, medication

Ultimately, many approaches in biohacking are aimed at increasing your own productivity. After all, the lack of productivity is usually the biggest hurdle between the status quo and the dream life.

Diet, sleep and fitness all play their part in boosting energy. Meditation and other techniques help to channel energy in the right direction. But what if you want more?

For many biohackers, this is where supplements, hormones and medication come into play. The keyword is nootropics. They are supposed to increase the performance of the brainfor example through improved concentration.

Classic coffee and the caffeine it contains can help here, as can green tea with teein and L-theanine. Perhaps you have also heard of guarana or ginkgo? In addition to natural remedies, medications such as Modafinil and Adderall are also used as aids.

How to Biohack: Biohacks for beginners

You don't need supplements or expensive gadgets to start biohacking. You can get started with simple tips that you can implement today. If you follow them conscientiously, you will feel a difference after just a few applications.

Remember that the Recording your results is the be-all and end-all is key. So if you try one of these hacks, keep a record of how you feel at the moment and how the changes are over time.

Meditation - less stress, more concentration and self-confidence

Meditation is known as a miracle cure for all issues. And rightly so, because practicing meditation brings back what is missing in today's world - peace and mindfulness. This introspection provides the necessary distance from everyday life.

Meditation is about being aware of the now. Letting thoughts come and go and simply being. Just ten minutes of mindfulness a day, even 10 conscious breaths, can change your mind. effectively reduce stress levels and increase your ability to concentrate.11

Consistent sleep hygiene - cold, dark and not blue

Sleep hygiene does not mean that you should constantly change your bed linen (at least not more often than usual). It's about adopting behaviors that enable healthy and restful sleep.

This includes Darkness and coldwhere the ideal bedroom temperature is 16 - 18 °C.12 Another aspect is the Avoiding blue light before going to bed. This is because blue light from cell phone or computer screens suppresses the production of the "sleep hormone" melatonin13, which means that tiredness sets in later.

Healthy, varied food - more energy and fewer mood swings

Do you also become a diva when you're hungry? Then a Snickers bar is the worst possible choice. The sugar may give you a brief high and make you feel good, but afterwards you fall into a hole because your blood sugar is in the basement.14

Are you usually the fast food type who needs to eat quickly? Try 7 days of healthy foods and skip the processed products. Fruit, vegetables, long-chain carbohydrates, high-quality proteins and healthy fats are your nutrition guide.

Through the increased nutrient intake and the long-chain carbohydrates, you will quickly notice a positive difference. A good way to eat a balanced diet without any effort are the drinks and powders from SATURO. They contain all the nutrients your body needs.

Thought leaders in biohacking presented

Dave Asprey - Founder of the Bulletproof Diet

The best known biohacker is Dave Asprey also the inventor of the Bulletproof diet (butter in coffee). Dave is proof that biohacking can turn your whole life around. He has lost 50 kg and lowered his biological age. 

Tim Ferriss - the human guinea pig

Tim describes himself as a human guinea pig and is constantly trying out new things when it comes to self-optimization. He is the author of the 4-hour week and the 4-hour body. His specialties are cold baths and anything out of the ordinary.

Wim Hof - Cold as a miracle cure

Wim HofThe Iceman, has made headlines with his incredible achievements. These include climbing Mount Everest to an altitude of 7200 meters wearing only shorts and shoes. He attributes his success to his special breathing techniques.

Extreme forms of biohacking and risks

Paracelsus was right when he said: "The dose makes the poison." Biohacking can take the body and mind to new heights. However, it also harbors risks. Especially when you work in borderline areas without a well-founded study.

In particular unsupervised intake of medication and hormones can serious consequences can have. To avoid negative consequences, such plans should always be discussed with a doctor. 

Chlorin e6 - Night vision

Being able to see as far as cats at night - that would be cool, thought biohackers from California. Chlorin e6 is a chlorophyll-like substance. Dissolved in a saline solution together with insulin and dimethyl sulphoxide, it was dripped into the eyes of a biohacker. 

For a short period of time, he was then able to see shadows better in the dark at a distance of 50 meters. Although he had no side effects, the light amplification could have negative consequences for the cell structure of the eyes.15

Chopping genetic material with Crispr

Our DNA consists of many different genes. Epigenetics deals with the question of why some genes are active and others are not, and what consequences this has.

Crispr has been around for several years, making it possible for non-experts to precisely cut out a specific DNA sequence from the genome, modify it and insert it back into the body.

What effects this can have has not yet been researched. For example, it cannot be ruled out that an altered genome could increase the risk of cancer.16

Transfusions of young blood - eternal fountain of youth?

Young blood transfusions involve pumping the blood of a younger person into the veins of an older person. Why would someone do this? The assumption is that it can ward off heart disease, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer's disease. 

Although there are a few limited studies in the field, there is no evidence.17 However, this should not be allowed to unsettle you, as these are extreme forms that very few biohackers live out.


Biohacking is a toolboxwith which you can bring more happiness, satisfaction and achieved goals into your life. All this by understanding how your body works and what it needs, and developing supportive habits.

With the right diet, exercise and sport, sufficient sleep and a strong mindset, you can achieve your goals. increase your productivity. Nice side effects can be your dream body and reduced stress. 

We wish you lots of fun!

And remember: if you want to be quick and healthy, the SATURO helps you achieve your goals. Full of nutrients, prepared in 10 seconds and handy for on the go.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about biohacking

What is microdosing?

Microdosing is the process ofuse of medicinal substances or psychedelic drugs in a very low dosage. The background to this is that the main effects, such as hallucinations, are absent, but creativity or attention is improved. LSD is often used18

Self-optimization definition - what is it?

Becoming your best selfis what self-optimization is all about. True to the motto: the best is just good enough. This involves constantly measuring your own progress or regression and adapting your own behavior accordingly. The aim is to turn your dreams into reality.

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