Taking a new path - complete nutrition

At SATURO, we want to make practical and healthy complete nutrition available to more people. At fair prices.


  • High quality complete nutrition
  • Less Euro
  • Consistently sustainable

Our history

SATURO was founded on March 23, 2017 to make convenient and healthy complete nutrition available to more people in Europe. Our goal is deeply rooted in our commitment to proven high-quality, healthy complete nutrition combined with transparent and fair pricing by not advertising. Additionally, we place a focus on consistent sustainability that is more than just lip service. High-quality nutrition, fewer euros, consistently sustainable. Quite simple - or?

Good food doesn't have to be expensive.

With complete, whole foods, you can replace unhealthy meals in a quick and easy way. More and more people in Europe and the USA are enthusiastic about it.

However, there is one problem: traditional brands have numerous markups built into their prices. Costs for online marketing, trade margins, advertising, ...

You as a customer typically have to pay these costs and don't get a better product for it. We want to do that differently.

Proven and high quality complete nutrition.

Since the beginning of 2017, SATURO has been one of the first to offer ready-to-drink complete nutrition in Europe. Sold millions of times, we have experience with the entire range: drinks, powders and bars. Production takes place at certified, renowned manufacturers in Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Austria. Hundreds of Amazon reviews and numerous awards speak for SATURO. At largest certified and independent comparative test of complete nutrition SATURO was the test winner and was the only (!) to receive the rating "very good".

How did we achieve this? Since the very beginning we have invested a lot of energy, time and money in research and product development. As in star restaurants, high-quality ingredients form the basis for a good product. We optimize our taste with extensive blind tastings. In addition, we incorporate expertise from current food research. Startup means bringing great products to market quickly, but when it comes to quality assurance, we are old-fashioned and one might almost say humorless German.

We and our families also drink our SATURO every day. Food is a matter of trust. We stand by that.

Consistently sustainable.

We want to go further and set a cornerstone for a sustainable economy. To halt the climate crisis, mankind must significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

SATURO is voluntarily introducing a carbon tax of 180 euros per ton of CO2 for its whey-based powders to offset the impact on the environment. The soy protein we use for our vegan shakes not only has a lower land and water consumption; also the CO2 emission is lower by a factor of 6.5 compared to animal origin. One SATURO powder meal has 21.5 grams of protein and provides a Whey-based CO2 emission of 0.35 kg. This results in CO2 costs of 6.3 cents per meal.

SATURO will use the voluntary tax to invest in certified sustainable CO2 offset projects. So with every powder meal you make a small difference for the climate. No matter if vegan or whey-based.

You're doing your part to make a difference!