At Saturo it's all about enriching your everyday life with healthy, nutritious and, above all, convenient meals. Our mission is to make a balanced diet easy and accessible - for everyone, everywhere. Our approach? Balanced drinkable meals without compromise. Our products stand for the highest quality, health and sustainability.

Make nutrition your routine with Saturo

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be a challenge to consistently make healthy food choices. Saturo is here to change that.

Our complete food is not just a meal; it’s a step towards a healthier, more balanced routine that supports you every day. With Saturo you always make the right choice - a nutritious, balanced and tasty option that fits into your busy everyday life.

We believe that a good diet is the basis for a good life, whether you are in the office, on the road or at home - Saturo offers you the freedom to live healthy without compromise. Start with Saturo into an everyday life where healthy eating is easy, accessible and always the best decision.

Our quality standards

Since 2017 Saturo counts to the pioneers of ready-to-drink meals in Europe, produced by certified producers in Germany and the Netherlands.

Our quality and innovation are confirmed by hundreds of positive reviews and numerous awards. We are particularly proud that Saturo is the only product to be awarded the "Very Good" top rating in the largest independent comparative test of complete food, which underlines our leading role and success in the industry.

Our contribution to nature

At Saturo the planet is just as important to us as your health. Our commitment to sustainability and a vegan lifestyle is deeply anchored in our philosophy.

That is why we consistently rely on plant based products in order not only to cover the nutrient requirement of our customers, but also to minimize our ecological footprint. We show that a sustainable and vegan diet is not only possible, but also uncomplicated and nutritious. Our range, based on plant based proteins, not only offers a more resource-friendly alternative, but also emits 6.5 times less CO2 compared to animal products. Each meal helps to reduce the ecological footprint.

Working together to combat food waste

Around a third of all food produced worldwide spoils.1

Saturo helps minimize this problem with a particularly long shelf life of up to 12 months. Our long-lasting meals not only support a sustainable lifestyle, but also help to conserve valuable resources. At Saturo we believe that conscious consumption and appreciation of food will help shape a more positive future for our planet.

  • Health

    We want to give everyone access to a balanced and nutritious diet to promote a healthy life.

  • Sustainability

    From the careful selection of our vegan ingredients to our eco-friendly packaging, sustainability is in every step.

  • Routine

    We believe that healthy eating can be effortlessly integrated into everyday life and offer the solution for your daily nutrition routine.

Our team

We are proud to be an owner-managed and independent start-up deeply rooted in the beautiful city of Vienna.

We are not part of a large corporation, but a close-knit team that works closely together to achieve our goal: Making healthy nutrition easy.

You want to be part of Saturo?

We are always looking for motivated people who want to complement our team and drive our vision forward. Please send us an initiative application or look at our vacancies.

Our philosophy

Our products reflect our deep belief: nutrition should be healthy, sustainable and accessible to all.

We are proud that our entire range is 100% vegan whcih underscores our dedication to an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Each of our products is carefully designed to provide your body with everything it needs – from proteins and carbohydrates to all the essential vitamins and minerals. With Saturo you are making the right decision – for your health and for our planet. Every meal is a step towards a more sustainable future. Be part of this movement.

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1. WWF Food Practice. Driven to waste: Global food loss on farms — Report summary. 2021