Comparison winner: The best astronaut food

Astronaut food offers many benefits for people looking for a nutritious, convenient and time-saving nutritional option. Whether as a liquid drinkable food, mixable powder or handy bars - this type of food combines all essential nutrients in one meal. It is rich in proteins, fats, carbohydrates as well as essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements, making it a complete and balanced diet. Particularly noteworthy is the suitability of astronaut food for modern, often hectic everyday life, sporting activities and travel, but also as a reliable emergency supply.

SaturoAstronaut food, which has been awarded the title of comparison winner, impresses with its high-quality composition, which is free from gluten and lactose. Manufactured in Germany, it scores Saturo scores with a variety of flavors and the provision of all 26 essential vitamins and minerals. These properties make Saturo an excellent choice for those who value a balanced, protein-rich diet that is quick to prepare and tastes delicious at the same time.

Advantages of astronaut food

Astronaut food, sometimes also called cosmonaut food, provides a variety of benefits for you as a consumer in the form of ready-to-eat drinkable food, powder for mixing or bars. Liquid nutrition is a valuable supplement in everyday life, during sport and on the go.

What nutrients does it contain?

Astronaut food contains all essential nutrients. A balanced ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates as well as essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements result in a complete meal that provides your body with everything it needs and keeps you full for several hours.

When selecting the astronaut food of your choice, we recommend paying attention not only to the type and quantity, but also to the quality of the ingredients. Milk protein, lactose and artificial additives are not well tolerated by some people. Particularly if you are in a critical state of health, you should avoid these as far as possible and opt for plant-based products that are as natural as possible. 

The main advantages are

- Optimally balanced nutrient ratio

- No or minimal preparation time

- Also practical for on the go

-Long shelf life

- Balanced ratio between protein, fats and carbohydrates

- Contains high-quality protein to build muscle

- Ideal quality fats for optimum energy supply and nutrient absorption

- Simple and complex carbohydrates provide energy and keep you full

- Rich in vitamins and minerals

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Forms of astronaut food

Astronaut food is now available in various forms, depending on the area of application and purpose:

Ready-to-drink food: particularly practical and time-saving when on the move.

Powdered drinkable food for mixing: easy to dose and add to smoothies, shakes, muesli etc. according to taste and preference.

Bar: ideal for on the go, before or after sport and as a snack.

Gelling and thickening agentfor binding and enhancing the nutritional value of sauces, soups, etc.

Buy astronaut food

Astronaut food is an ideal solution for anyone looking for a nutritious and easy-to-prepare meal. Whether at dm, in pharmacies or at Rossmann - you can find this special food everywhere. Astronaut food is also easy to buy online, for example on Amazon. These products are perfect for hectic everyday life as they provide all the essential nutrients in an easy-to-consume format.

If you value quality and availability, you will find astronaut food in the pharmacy that is specially tailored to your health needs. There are a variety of shopping options: you can buy astronaut food in stationary stores such as Rossmann or dm or online from Amazon or the web stores of the respective manufacturers (e.g. Saturo). The fact that astronaut food can be bought in both drugstores and pharmacies makes it easily accessible to anyone who wants to make their diet practical and efficient.

With its increasing popularity, it is easier than ever to buy astronaut food from pharmacies, retailers or online and integrate it into your diet plan, whether for everyday life, sporting activities or as part of an emergency supply.

The comparison winner Saturo

Saturo is Test winner among the astronaut food products compared and was the only product in this segment to be rated "very good" (as of 02/2020). The ingredients and properties of various products from the medical meal replacement segment (e.g. Fresubin Energy Drink, Nutrica Fortimel, Nestlé Resource) or lifestyle drinkable foods (e.g. Saturo).

We produce in Germany. All products are gluten-free and lactose-free. A sophisticated recipe with an extra portion of (plant) protein and 26 vitamins and minerals make our products what they are: High-quality, tasty and balanced meals in seconds and at a fair price.

We have the special features of Saturo at a glance for you:

- High-quality ingredients

- All 26 vitamins and minerals

- Balanced nutrient ratio

- Rich in protein

- Produced in Austria and Germany

- Available in many delicious flavors

- Comparison winner with - Test result "VERY GOOD"

- Astronaut food lactose-free & gluten-free

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Astronaut food in everyday life

The primary goal in the production of astronaut food was originally to pack a maximum of nutrients into a minimum of mass. This credo still applies today. In addition, modern products are designed to minimize preparation time and optimize the usability of the ingredients. These properties are extremely valuable for many areas of application and groups of people.

Astronaut food when time is short and on the go

However, astronaut food is no longer used in exceptional situations. More and more people are taking a liking to astronaut food for their everyday lives.

Balanced nutrition in hectic everyday life

You probably know the situation: No time to cook yourself. On the go all day. We eat in between meals and whatever is available. For many of us, this is part of everyday life. We are always busy or even stressed, hardly have a quiet minute and certainly don't have the time to sit down and eat a balanced meal. Astronaut food offers a practical and affordable solution to this problem.

It requires no or minimal preparation and can simply be taken and eaten anywhere.

This ensures a good balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates as well as a supply of all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Different flavors provide variety on the menu. Astronaut food not only makes balanced nutrition possible in hectic everyday life, but also simple, inexpensive and tasty.

Travel provisions for hiking, climbing or cycling tours

If you are out in the great outdoors for several days or even weeks, it is of course a challenge to provide yourself with food. But with hydration food, you are well supplied for various outdoor adventures. This is because it provides maximum nutrients with minimum weight and can be kept unrefrigerated. This makes astronaut food the ideal travel food if you need a lot of energy but want to keep your luggage light.

Extra energy for sport and muscle building

Athletes and bodybuilders are increasingly turning to astronaut food. With its balanced nutrient ratio and easy dosage, liquid food is the ideal companion on the way to your sporting goals. It provides you with easily absorbed energy for your training and is characterized by a high protein content. It is also easy to take with you and can therefore be consumed immediately before or after sport.

Crisis supply

Due to its long shelf life and balanced nutrient composition, astronaut food is ideal as a food supply for possible crises. Liquid food is ready to eat - so you are not dependent on electricity or gas for cooking and are optimally supplied.

Astronaut food for seniors

Astronaut food offers senior citizens an excellent opportunity to cover their daily nutritional requirements in a simple and efficient way. Saturo has specialized in the development of special astronaut foods that offer a high nutrient density in an easily consumable form. These products are not only free from gluten and lactose, but are also manufactured in Germany, which ensures a high level of quality control. They are also available in a variety of flavors, which increases acceptance and satisfaction among older consumers.

The easily digestible composition of Saturo is ideal for seniors who may have difficulty chewing solid food or require special nutritional requirements. The liquid form allows for quick and efficient absorption of nutrients, which is particularly important to support nutritional status and health in old age. In addition, the balanced blend of proteins, essential fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals helps to ensure that seniors receive all the necessary building blocks to support their vitality and activity.

The Saturo astronaut diet for seniors not only offers them a balanced and protein-rich diet, but can also be prepared quickly and easily. This makes Saturo a practical yet delicious choice that integrates perfectly into the lifestyle of older people, allowing them to maintain their independence and improve their quality of life.

Astronaut food for weight gain

For people who want or need to gain weight, astronaut food for weight gain offers an effective and practical solution. The high calorie content combined with a balanced ratio of nutrients makes it an ideal choice. Comparison winner: The best astronaut food to gain weight like Saturo not only provides necessary calories, but also a full range of vitamins and minerals. This is particularly important for people who need to fortify their diet due to being underweight or after an illness. High calorie drinkable foods can be consumed between meals or as a supplement to normal meals to effectively and deliciously increase daily calorie requirements.

Astronaut food for cancer patients

Cancer patients often face particular nutritional challenges caused by treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation. Astronaut food for cancer patients can provide valuable support to meet nutritional needs and strengthen the body. Best in class: The best astronaut food for this specific group is designed to be easily digestible and maximize the absorption of nutrients that are crucial for supporting the immune system and recovery from treatments. Products like Saturo are free from artificial additives, gluten and lactose, making them suitable for sensitive digestive systems. By offering a variety of flavors, they also help combat the change in taste and loss of appetite often experienced by cancer patients.

The origin of the astronaut diet

Drinkable food has its origins in space travel. The first astronaut food in the form of small pressed cubes was developed back in the 1960s. The aim was to save space and weight and to provide the astronauts with an optimum supply of all the necessary nutrients. Space food had to be easy to digest, balanced and efficient.

Over the years, it has been discovered that these properties are just as desirable for meals on Earth. As a result, various products have evolved from the space cubes, which are no longer reserved for space travelers alone. Lifestyle drinkable foods should not be confused with medical meal replacements, which are used to treat illnesses. If this applies to you, consult your doctor, especially if you are considering a longer period of use. Saturo This is aimed more at people who don't like cooking and want to replace their breakfast cereal, for example.

Astronaut food at a glance - the most important questions answered in compact form

Where is astronaut food used?

Drinking nutrition is versatile: in everyday life, during sport or when traveling.

Where can you buy astronaut food?

Various online stores, supermarkets, pharmacies and drugstores offer a selection of astronaut food. Astronaut food to try is available from Saturo Astronaut food.

Which astronaut food is the best?

The best choice depends on individual needs. Saturo offers a wide range of products designed for different nutritional needs, including high-quality hydration meals with balanced nutrient profiles that ensure convenient and efficient nutrition.

Is Astronaut Nutrition suitable for diabetics?

That depends on the sugar and especially fructose content of the product in question. Saturo Astronaut food was developed on the basis of the average daily requirement of nutrients for adults. There are no specific studies on the effect on diabetics to date.

How much does astronaut food cost?

Prices vary depending on the manufacturer and quality. A liquid meal of Saturo costs less than € 4. Powdered food costs as little as €1.9 and provides the human body with everything it needs.

How healthy is astronaut food?

Astronaut food is an ideal supplement to your daily diet. The drink is particularly high in calories and contains all the essential vitamins, minerals and proteins that the body needs to live. It also contains sufficient fiber.

Which astronaut food for cancer?

For cancer, nutrient-rich medical nutrition is crucial to strengthen the immune system and support recovery. Products should be high in protein and contain essential vitamins and minerals. The choice should always be made in consultation with healthcare professionals to take individual needs into account.

Is astronaut food vegan?

Astronaut food is not necessarily vegan, but it does provide Saturo provides vegan options that are based on plant-based ingredients and offer a complete nutritional supply for a vegan lifestyle.

How much astronaut food per day?

The recommended amount of astronaut food per day varies depending on individual nutritional needs, health status and whether it serves as a full or partial meal replacement. In general, daily intake should be determined in consultation with a dietitian or physician to ensure a balanced diet and take into account specific goals or medical requirements.

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