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Ready-to-drink. Every Saturo Drink contains all 26 essential vitamins and minerals as well as a lot of protein and everything your body needs. Perfect for on the go, practical, immediately ready to drink and delicious.

  • Enriches your well-being

  • Supports your immune system

  • Optimises metabolism & hormonal health

  • Improves muscle recovery & regeneration

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Saturo Drink?

Our Saturo Drink is the perfect meal when you're in a hurry and don't want to compromise on nutrients.

Every drinking meal provides you with the best possible nutrients – with sufficient protein, complex carbohydrates, all 26 essential vitamins and valuable minerals. A Saturo Drink contains everything you need. And it's vegan, too.

Is the Saturo Drink vegan?

Yes, the Saturo Drink, like our entire range, is vegan.

What is a drinking meal?

Drinking meals from Saturo are a complete and balanced meal for adults in liquid form - not to be confused with the usual drinking meals for babies.

Drinking meals are the perfect meal replacement when you're on the go or don't have time to cook. The meals contain a balanced mix of healthy fats, carbohydrates and plenty of protein to keep you full. At the same time, they contain all the essential vitamins and fibre for good digestion.

In short: everything your body needs to function optimally.

What are the benefits of the drinking meal?

There are several notable advantages. Firstly, it saves a lot of time. Cooking a full meal can easily take an hour. With Saturo's drinkable meals, on the other hand, you only have to shake once and enjoy.

Another advantage is the low cost per meal. A 500 ml bottle of the drinkable meal keeps you full for up to 5 hours, but costs less than 4 euros per meal.

Last but not least, liquid meals like those from Saturo are often the healthier alternative to the usual dietary sins - like burgers or pizza. This has already helped some of our customers to lose weight.

With astronaut food you save time and money and at the same time have an attractive alternative to junk food.

How long does the drinkable meal keep you full?

With our 330ml drinks, most of our customers are full for around 3 hours, with our 500ml drinks even up to 5 hours, and all without annoying bloating.

For a better understanding: 100 millilitres of Saturo drinkable food contains 100 kcal. This means Saturo falls into the category of so-called "high-calorie drinkable food". Of course, it depends on your particular situation how long you actually don't feel hungry after taking it.

Our drinks contain high-quality complex carbohydrates that release energy slowly and ensure a long-lasting feeling of satiety.

The drinks are also rich in plant-based proteins, which provide additional satiety.

How does the drink taste?

In terms of consistency, compare the ready-made shakes from Saturo can be compared to protein shakes or classic milkshakes - but we are much healthier than sugary milkshakes.

Our product developers are constantly working to improve the composition and taste.

Our drinks are currently available in the following flavors:

Cocoa: Full chocolate flavor.

Vanilla: Delicious creamy vanilla flavor.

Strawberry (only 330ml): Fruity fresh strawberry flavor thanks to natural fruit powder.

Banana (only 330ml): Fresh and natural banana flavor thanks to real fruit powder.

Cappuccino (only 330ml): Fine aromatic cappuccino taste.

Original (500ml only): Natural taste.

How healthy is the drinkable meal from Saturo really?

Our liquid meals contain all the nutrients and vitamins that the human body needs. We cannot yet fully replace the 5 portions of fruit and vegetables that we should eat every day.
But compared to burgers, pizza and similar junk food, liquid meals are often the better alternative.

However, a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle are still important.

Who is the drinkable meal suitable for?

Drinkable meals are suitable for anyone who doesn't have the time or inclination to cook something in everyday life, but at the same time doesn't want to resort to unhealthy junk food.

In addition, liquid food is an excellent way to control your calorie intake. This can help you lose or gain weight - depending on what is right for your situation.
Drinking meals for people who are dependent on them for medical and health reasons should not be neglected. For example, many people order from us if they are unable to eat properly due to a wisdom tooth operation but still need to eat.

When should I consume the nutritional drink?

There is no ideal time when you should consume a drinkable meal. Whenever you feel hungry and/or need an energy boost, you can drink a shake.

During your lunch break in the office, before or after exercise or as a breakfast substitute. It is often misunderstood that Saturo is a meal replacement. In other words, you consume the liquid gold whenever you would eat a normal solid meal.
Depending on whether it's just a snack between meals or a main meal, you can choose either the small or the large 500 ml bottles.

Comparison between powder and shakes

In addition to the ready-to-drink shakes, we also offer powder that you can mix yourself. With Saturo you have the option of choosing between soy-based powder or pea and rice-based powder. 

In contrast to the ready-to-drink shakes, the powder is slightly cheaper when calculated per meal.

The disadvantages of the powder compared to the shakes: you have to mix it yourself in a shaker.

Where can I buy drinkable meals?

You can either buy the astronaut food directly in our webshop - here you always have the largest selection and all products are available.

With the practical subscription, you not only save time - because you don't have to keep reordering - you also pay less money per individual meal. A double win for you!

Why buy the drinking meal at Saturo?

There are various reasons that differentiate Saturo from our competitors. For example, we use less sugar in our large meals so that they don't cause blood sugar levels to spike.

Sustainability is particularly important to us. That's why we only use ingredients that are not only good for your body, but also good for the environment.

In addition, we offer a neutral taste experience with the "Original" flavor in the 500 ml bottles. Because we know that not everyone likes chocolate, vanilla and the like.

Can the drinkable meals be consumed with intolerances?

The ready-to-drink shakes are lactose-free, fructose-free and gluten-free. If you have a soy intolerance or allergy, the pea and rice protein-based powder is the ideal solution for you.

We use gluten-free oat fiber as a source of fiber and isomaltulose instead of conventional sugar (which would not be tolerated by fructose intolerant people). Isomaltulose also has the advantage that blood sugar levels do not spike too high after consumption.

Disadvantages of the drinkable meal

With Saturo we are constantly striving to improve our product - and surely the same applies to other manufacturers. At the moment, the drinkable meal still lacks certain secondary plant substances (e.g. flavonoids) that are good for the immune system.

It would not be entirely correct to regard drinkable meals as an exclusive substitute for a natural plant-based diet. Instead, it's best to use Saturo's drinkable meals whenever you want to replace an unhealthy meal or don't feel like cooking.

What is the shelf life of drinkable meals?

The shelf life of drinking meals can vary depending on the manufacturer and the product. All Saturo-Products can be stored for up to 12 months. You will find the minimum expiration date on each package. Unopened, they can be stored uncooled. Open Saturo-Bottles should be consumed within 24 hours.